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Becca Reed Missionary
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In order to continue our efforts moving forward we are in need of a professional who is based in Kenya that can assist us in raising additional funds as well as coordinate and oversee our current and future projects in the field.  We believe the person qualified for this position is Ms. Becca Reed.  In order to help bring her on fulltime we are seeking 24 month commitments from individuals and/or corporate sponsors to assist with her compensation.  Our goal is that over the next 24 months Becca will work to help raise funds not only for our current and future programs, but to also secure funding for her compensation with us for years thereafter.  Without a full-time, local, Program Coordinator our potential for continued growth is marginal. With your assistance, Becca can help Nehemiah’s Restoration to continue to grow our programs and assist many more OVC’s and their communities.
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Becca Reed Missionary Support
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